Introducing BuildANation – focused on Jamaican political and social issues

Posted on January 23, 2012


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BuildANation was born out of a desire to see Jamaica meet her target of becoming a developed nation by 2030. This goal will only be met through good governance and the creation of a vision that is articulated, understood and accepted by the majority of the Jamaican population.  The growth of the BRIC nations stand as a beacon and best practice for what is possible for countries seeking to develop their capacity and while the strategies used by these nations are not all-encompassing and cannot all be  replicated there are many lessons to be learned that are too vital to be  overlooked.

Quite often when we discuss development issues the focus is on the economy, education and health; what BuildANation will do is highlight other important and often overlooked concepts such as youth development and diaspora development. As an added component, academic articles will be posted from varying sources.

Blog posts will primarily be written by me, Natalie Campbell-Rodriques, but from time to time I will invite others from the world of development to share their thoughts and views on different issues.

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