Jamaican Politics: Sharon Haye-Webster, Damion Crawford et al

Posted on November 12, 2011


Inside the Parliament of Jamaica

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It cannot be said that Jamaican politics is boring. As a Jamaican political news junkie living in Indonesia I am like a coke addict trying to get a fix as I stretch my hand for my Blackberry in the mornings to check overnight BBM messages from my mom in Jamaica, my Twitter feeds, Facebook posts and ultimately the Daily Gleaner and the Jamaica Observer. Every day I make quick notes to remind me of things I want to write about such as the seeming lunacy of Betty Anne Blaine, Sharon Haye Webster’s political future, Danville Walker and Damion Crawford. My heart quickens, I get overly excited and quite tempted to pack my bags and kids and flee to Jamaica before my husband realizes that he has been abandoned. Other than being sensible enough not to make rash decisions because of the political bug, the Labourites in Jamaica always bring me back to my senses when they proceed to play the fool. They are doing so again, and at a time when elections are on the horizon. How in heaven’s name can groups of people not see further than their noses? Why oh why would they be protesting against Bartlett, Williams and Hutchinson at this time? What happened all those years prior to election season? While I know nothing about these seats on a personal level I do know something about politics and I smell rats! I smell peripheral leadership in the constituencies who see the glow of the JLP and want a shot at being the one holding the flashlight – talk about being dunce! This is where the PNP is smarter and has always been. Me personally, if I were the General Secretary of the JLP I would send Bobby Montaque in the field to visit these constituencies to calm the waters – this is what Bobby is good at. Make no bones about his skills as a grass roots politician who knows better than most how to relate to the man on the ground. In my mind he is the Pearnel of the times but slicker, smoother and more dapper.

But unto other matters such as the Danville Walker issue: why are we so hypocritical? Danville is one of our standard bearers. He is one of those Jamaicans who has done a good job, played well on the playground and has been fair. Yet now we are hearing horse dead and cow fat since his foray into politics. Get real people! What integrity issue could we possibly be talking about when he was the one overlooking the series of elections which saw the JLP losing time and time again? If you have nothing to say then it is best to be quiet. I expect opposition parties to talk nonsense to chalk up points but supposedly smart folks outside of representational politics should know better.

Now the Sharon Haye-Webster story is another saga that I will not say much about other than to point out the fact that she is no Karl Samuda and should not hold out too much hope for a victory next election. While I like her and feel her pain for the way she was treated by the PNP, the reality is that she will face a mighty tough candidate in Denise Daley and will struggle without the Gregory Park Division to cushion the rest of the seat.

My final thought for today rests with words that may haunt me in the future but honesty within my heart and soul is important. Let me state quite clearly that I like Joan Gordon Webley – I tend to like and admire strong opinionated women even Barbara Gloudon whose bias can at times be so nauseating that listening to her makes me feel pregnant. I bring up Joan because I wish she had a different opponent. The problem is that I would also like to see Damion Crawford walking down Duke Street. Everyone knows that my loyalty is with the JLP but Damion will bring not just passion and energy but a mind that is logical and a yearning for doing well. Will he be able to carry out the good he so hungers to do? Only time will tell but having that young man in Parliament would be good for Jamaica, dreadlocks and all.

Until next time……walk good and remember that it is your right as a Jamaican to vote even if it is for Astor Black.