A Sense of Entitlement

February 9, 2012


Excuse my french but a sense of entitlement is nothing short of a son of a gun and does nothing less than screw with the mind of the perpetrator and create havoc for those who are subjected to this abuse. There are many people and things that come to mind when I think of a “sense […]

Corruption:the somewhat silent global challenge

January 23, 2012


Kenithi Ohmae’s (2005) comment that the global economy is “borderless, invisible, cyber-connected, and measured in multiples” provides an understanding of the reason the challenges facing many nation-states are considered to be global in nature. No longer are problems easily contained within borders: whether it is the Avian flu, the economic downturn or terrorism, problems affecting […]

Introducing BuildANation – focused on Jamaican political and social issues

January 23, 2012


BuildANation was born out of a desire to see Jamaica meet her target of becoming a developed nation by 2030. This goal will only be met through good governance and the creation of a vision that is articulated, understood and accepted by the majority of the Jamaican population.  The growth of the BRIC nations stand as a beacon and […]

KSAC Scorecard: A tale of garrisons and personalities

December 23, 2011


Samuda is unbeatable at this time unless he is suffering from undetected early onset alzheimers. I invite anyone to challenge me on this point.

Hanover & St. Mary: The Battleground Seats

December 12, 2011


Note that in the last election the PNP fielded a "big wig' (Delano Franklyn) to challenge Montague but have opted this time to accept their fate and is offering Silvera as the sacrificial lamb.

Manchester is Tricky, Portland will not Change & St. Thomas May Just be all Green

December 9, 2011


Blah blah blah...Even though beaten, slandered and downtroddened Robertson will beat Leonard Green and beat him solidly. The James Robertson who entered representational politics for the 1997 elections with a pouch around his waist and no clue as to grass roots politics does not exist anymore. Green will face off with a seasoned well-oiled politician who loves to campaign and is good at it.

The JLP Will Win the Parish of St. Catherine

December 7, 2011


The JLP must be desperate to field Dr. Nesbeth for the umpteenth time for a loss in this seat. Could be the JLP does not ever see the party claiming this constituency